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Improving health can seem overwhelming and complicated. We all need more energy, more time and less stress! And a body that looks and feels amazing! But where do you start? The first secret to health transformation is to do things in the correct order. This causes a cascade of health benefits, with each step maximizing the effects of the next. We have refined this sequence down to 6 steps which you can learn about by clicking on the links below.

Cleanse and Clear Your Body

Step 2: How To Totally Cleanse Your Body

Modern diets are full of toxins and other substances that put a huge load onto our body and knock it out of balance.  This compromises our internal environment, sabotaging our efforts.  Through years of unhealthy living, our elimination channels become blocked, so the body can’t get rid

How To Build a Brand New Body

Step 4: How to Build a Brand New Body

If you have been following our Health Secrets articles, you will know that for a total health transformation, to create limitless energy and optimise every area of your life, it is essential to first clear out your body and then get it in an alkaline balance. Once

Step 3: Keep Your Body in Alkaline Balance

“Dietary acidosis is a real phenomenon, and has a significant, clinical, long-term physiological effect that should be recognised and potentially counterbalanced. The effects of acidity can directly contribute to various cancers, arthritis, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression/psychological disfunction, Crohns disease and kidney disease.” – Cambridge University Heard

3 Ways To Create Habits That Stick

Habits form the way our brains work out the behaviours that produce solutions. Once we’ve created a habit, the brain begins to automate them in the background and decreases its activity as a result. Certain situations – or cues – will trigger our habits because our brains

What Creates Destiny…

Little choices have big repercussions. Habits are my thing, and I talk about them a lot. Why? Because I truly believe that habits are what creates our destiny. Think about it.  Destiny means your destination in life, the place you’re headed to. And what are the most

How To Live Longer (and better)…

Three steps that’ll slow down your body’s rusting process and help you enjoy your life more If there’s one thing that everyone wants, it’s to slow down the aging process, live longer and live better. Turns out it’s not that difficult to do. In fact, there are

Our Simple Steps To Beautiful Skin

We look below the surface to see how you can create healthier, happier skin. If you paid attention to the media, the first place you’d look for a healthy skin solution would be expensive creams and treatments.  But the latest beauty science says that healthy skin comes

Step 5: How To Fuel Your Body

Today, I want to ask – what fuel are you putting into your body? Because when you understand what makes the body work at its optimum, then putting that fuel in just makes sense. And thankfully, it’s pretty easy to discover what your body needs to keep

Health Secrets: 6 Steps To Total Transformation

How to transform your mind, your body and your life Improving health can seem overwhelming and complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. With a little bit of discipline, you’ll be able to increase your energy levels, get more time and stress less while you do it. But

Hydrogen: The Missing Fuel

The antioxidant power of hydrogen was investigated by Hungarian Albert Szent-Györgyi, who later won the Nobel Prize for discovering the antioxidant activity of vitamin C. In fact, in his December 11th, 1937, Nobel lecture, Albert Szent-Györgyi declared: “…our body really only knows one fuel: Hydrogen.“ Quite an

Are You Feeling Stuck?

Are you doing everything right, but still not making progress? Are you feeling congested, tired or lacking spark? This is almost certainly because your elimination systems are clogged and not working effectively. We have developed a cleanse system that is far more than just a “detox”.  We

The Secret of Anti-Aging Skin

Use The Smallest Molecule in Existence To Reduce Wrinkles, Increase Collagen and Slow Down Aging It’s funny seeing the media go crazy every time a new drug comes out that’s supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread (which, ironically is one of the worst modern

Get Your FREE Molecular Hydrogen Starter Pack

We have been blown away….. a couple of things we’ve done have really made us think… We did an obstacle race, which included climbing over 30ft frames, 8ft walls, leaping over fire, hauling concrete and running for miles… By taking hydrogen we were back to normal in

The Power of Small Changes…

There is an ancient Greek parable called the Sorites Paradox.  The Paradox explains the effect one small action can have when repeated enough times. It states that although one coin does not make a person rich, but when we add another, and another, eventually, you have to admit

Discover Alkaline Salts

For those of you that haven’t experienced the incredible benefits of Alkaline Salts, here is a quick summary: We should be getting plenty of alkaline salts in our diets, but our fruits and veggies don’t contain as much these days as they used to! We also don’t eat