How To Live Longer (and better)…

Three steps that’ll slow down your body’s rusting process and help you enjoy your life more

If there’s one thing that everyone wants, it’s to slow down the aging process, live longer and live better.

Turns out it’s not that difficult to do. In fact, there are only three main steps to take. And together they will:

  • Decrease the rate at which your body ages or “rusts”
  • Minimise the risk of degenerative disease
  • Increase the number of days you have on earth
  • Increase the amount of time you have each day
  • Increase the quality of your experiences, with better energy, alertness and mood

Step 1: Stop Your Body “Rusting”

Just as a car rusts over time, your body will “oxidize” from nasty free radicals which are created simply through the body’s normal function. These little nasties bounce around the body causing havoc. 

They’re what causes your body to break down, to generate less energy, to become weaker, to form wrinkles; to age. And there are thousands of them released every day!

But now we have a secret weapon. It’s called molecular hydrogen. 

Molecular hydrogen neutralises the worst and most common free radical (hydroxyl). Incredibly, hydrogen (H) is attracted to Hydroxyl (H-0), neutralises it and turns it into water (H20!).

A supply of molecular hydrogen in the body will quickly neutralise and stop the body aging or “rusting” as it goes along. This special, patented combination of minerals that’ll generate hydrogen in your body has only just been discovered, but you can get a free pack on our website.

Step 2: Increase Nutrients

6 out of 10 people in the West are suffering from a chronic disease. It’s shocking.

The number of people living with diabetes has doubled in the last twenty years and half of all the UK population will get cancer too. 

But it turns out that if you increase the number of veggies you eat, you’ll dramatically reduce your chance of getting chronic diseases yourself.

Research at Imperial College in London found that “eating 10 portions of vegetables per day is proven to give a 24% reduction in risk of heart disease, 33% reduction in risk of stroke, 28% reduction in risk of cardiovascular disease, 13% reduction in risk of total cancer [and] 31% reduction in dying prematurely.”

Not bad for some little leafy greens.

UCL University also found that “people who eat seven or more portions of fruit and vegetables a day have a 42% lower risk of death at any point in time.”

There are hundreds of other studies from around the world that confirm that eating between seven and ten portions of veggies a day has a huge effect on preventing disease.

That’s not to mention immediately improving our quality of life too.

So many portions in one day is a tall order though. Luckily for you, there’s a convenient and cost-effective way to powerfully boost the nutrients in your diet.

See, we’ve taken the most nutrient-dense, alkalising veggies on the planet and dehydrated them in a low heat and low light environment to preserve all the nutrients. 

1 Scoop Of Greens = 5 SERVINGS of the most nutrient dense, alkalising, energy enhancing goodness on the planet!

Take a look on our website to find out more about increasing your nutrients the easy way.

3. Increase Number of Hours In The Day

Sounds a bit impossible, right? Wrong.

There’s a simple way to get more time to do the things you enjoy with the people you love.

Does the following sound at all familiar?

You get up at 8am feeling tired. You grab a coffee and a piece of toast and do whatever it takes to get through the day. You eat on the run. You’re stressed. You’re tired. You grab a beer or some wine most evenings and “relax” with a couple of hours of TV before going to bed around 11pm, exhausted.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

Instead, get up at 6am and rehydrate. Go for a run. Enjoy a raw smoothie for breakfast. Live life to the full. Send your productivity and confidence levels sky high. Arrive home full of energy. Spend time with your family and have fun with your friends. Relax into bed at 11pm.

By getting up earlier and doing your day right you’ll add 14 extra hours into your week, 728 into your year. That’s 48 extra days to spend time doing the things you love every year.

What time will you set tomorrow’s alarm for?

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