Step 1: Mind Overview

Our approach allows you to change not only your health but your entire life. To do this we focus on three things… generating PHYSICAL ENERGY, having a compelling FUTURE and creating HABITS to move you towards this future.

By moving towards a clearly defined future that excites us, we are generating EMOTIONAL energy at the same time as PHYSICAL energy.  This combination is almost unstoppable!  Emotional and physical energy drives action, which moves you towards the life of your dreams. By refining your actions down and putting them into simple habits, it means that change becomes a daily activity and changes become REAL.


3 Ways To Create Habits That Stick

Habits form the way our brains work out the behaviours that produce solutions. Once we’ve created a habit, the brain begins to automate them in the background and decreases its activity as a result. Certain situations – or cues – will trigger our habits because our brains

What Creates Destiny…

Little choices have big repercussions. Habits are my thing, and I talk about them a lot. Why? Because I truly believe that habits are what creates our destiny. Think about it.  Destiny means your destination in life, the place you’re headed to. And what are the most

Health Secrets: 6 Steps To Total Transformation

How to transform your mind, your body and your life Improving health can seem overwhelming and complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. With a little bit of discipline, you’ll be able to increase your energy levels, get more time and stress less while you do it. But

The Power of Small Changes…

There is an ancient Greek parable called the Sorites Paradox.  The Paradox explains the effect one small action can have when repeated enough times. It states that although one coin does not make a person rich, but when we add another, and another, eventually, you have to admit

Change Your Mornings, Change Your Life (or G.R.M.S.M.!)

I’m Callum, one of the co-founders of Avocado Ninja. In this post I am going to tell you the five steps I took to totally transform my life. A year ago my life was a mess. I was overweight, tired all the time, had awful acne on