What Creates Destiny…

Little choices have big repercussions.

Habits are my thing, and I talk about them a lot. Why?

Because I truly believe that habits are what creates our destiny.

Think about it. 

Destiny means your destination in life, the place you’re headed to. And what are the most constant things that we do as we move towards that destination? Our unconscious habits. 

You wouldn’t believe the changes you could see from a single good habit carried out every day. Even just a 1% improvement every day for a year compounds to deliver overall improvements 37-fold. 

1% worse every day and you’ll reduce back down to nearly zero much quicker too.

It’s the little things that’ll turn into something much greater.

So as money accumulates through compound interest, the results from your habits multiply as you keep doing them. Even if the actions you take seem to make little difference right now, the impact on your life a few months and years later are huge.

But the real trap is that the start of any new habit doesn’t give you proportionate results. That’s why it’s so easy to let a good habit drop and go back to our old routines. 

And it works in the other direction too. See, bad results don’t tend to be all that obvious straight away, and that’s why we tend to stick with the bad habits that are causing them. 

We repeat little 1% errors every day, continuing with tiny mistakes and poor decisions. And each little choice ends up compounding into dangerous outcomes.

Unhealthy meals and a sedentary lifestyle turn into heart disease… 
Not paying attention to your spouse today turns into a break-up… 
Spending a little more than you earn turns into financial ruin…

The difference in changing your habits is just like hitting a golf ball. Change the angle of your club by just a few millimetres and the ball ends up in a completely different place over distance. 

Or like when an airplane changes its direction by just a few degrees, it ends up thousands of miles away from its intended destination.

In the same way, a small change in your daily habits will move your life to a totally different place. 

“Having success” isn’t a one-time thing. It’s a set of daily habits that form your identity and your future.

And where you are in life right now doesn’t really matter. Your results are just a time delay of the habits you had before. Want to know why your life is a certain way? Just look at the habits you have in different aspects of your day-to-day.

If you want to predict where you’ll be, just project forward the results of those tiny daily habits into the future. The further in the future we look, the bigger those results are going to be.

What changes are you going to make now?

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