How To Build a Brand New Body

Step 4: How to Build a Brand New Body

If you have been following our Health Secrets articles, you will know that for a total health transformation, to create limitless energy and optimise every area of your life, it is essential to first clear out your body and then get it in an alkaline balance.

Once we have done this, the next step is then to give our body everything it needs, the highest quality building blocks to build a new body.

The body renews itself constantly. You get new skin every 2 weeks, red blood cells every few months, new liver cells every year, colon cells refresh after four days and brain cells every few months. The reason the body degrades over time is that we keep doing the same thing, so we get the same cells, the same body and an environment that leads to cellular degeneration and death.

So the next step in our Health Secrets system is to supply an abundance of nutrients that the body can use to create healthy new cells.  We will give our body the highest quality building blocks to build our new body.

Choose Wisely

The big secret with building new cells is that we need to choose our food wisely.

Firstly, it needs to be nutrient dense.  A food that is nutrient dense is one that gives us huge amounts of nutrition but is also very easy to digest.  If it’s easy to digest, it means that firstly, all the nutrients will become available for the body to use (a good reason to clear out the digestive system from step 2). 

If it’s easy to digest it also means we won’t be zapping lots of energy in the digestion process and making us lethargic.  Digestion takes a lot of energy to perform, so we need to choose our food wisely. 

Secondly, the food needs to be predominantly alkaline, as covered in the last secret. Our aim is to build healthy new cells in our body, maintain an alkaline balance and have limitless energy.

When A Serving is Not a Serving

You may have read my previous blog posts on why the current defenition of a “serving” is not really going to cut it. When a boiled to death handful of pesticide soaked carrot, a tin of soup full of added sugar and cream and ready meals count as a “serving” it is not something we are going to seriously consider.

The New Definition for a “Serving”

The “real” serving is a portion (80g) of clean, preferably organic, raw or lightly steamed, alkaline vegetables or alkaline low sugar fruit. This counts as 1.  You can find out which foods are alkaline in our FREE Guide To Alkaline and Acid Foods here.

How Many Servings Do We Really Need

To get enough nutrients to make a profound difference to our health, we need to be eating 10-15 “real” servings of vegetables per day.

Just to underline this, here are the results of extensive research from some of the most respected universities in the world…

 “A diet rich in vegetables and fruits can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, prevent some types of cancer, lower risk of eye and digestive problems, and have a positive effect upon blood sugar, which can help keep appetite in check” – Harvard University

“Eating 10 portions of veggies per day is proven to give a 24 percent reduction in risk of heart disease , 33 percent reduction in risk of stroke , 28 percent reduction in risk of cardiovascular disease, 13 percent reduction in risk of total cancer, 31 percent reduction in dying prematurely.” – Imperial College London

“Eating fruits and vegetables could boost mental health and reduce depressive symptoms.” – New Zealand University

“People who eat seven or more portions of fruit and vegetables a day have a 42% lower risk of death at any point in time.” – UCL University, Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, UK

“The higher the average daily intake of fruits and vegetables, the lower the chances of developing cardiovascular disease. .” – Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 2004 Nov 3;96(21):1577-84

“Consumption of green leafy vegetables was associated with a lower risk of diabetes. .” – Intake of fruit, vegetables, and fruit juices and risk of diabetes. Diabetes Care. 2008 Apr 3. But, do not despair… the upside of doing this will not only blow your mind and we will also show you how you can EASILY get this amount of nutrients with some special tricks.

If you are reading this and thinking WOAH, how on earth am I going to get this amount of veggies in my diet, do not despair… the upside of doing this will not only blow your mind and we will also show you how you can EASILY get this amount of nutrients with some special tricks.

What An Abundance of Veggies Will Give You

Below is just a taster of what an abundance of veggies will give you.  And in combination with the previous steps, this will give your body such a supercharge and transformation, you will hardly believe what is happening!

  • Live Longer: high consumption of veggies proven to massively reduce risk of major diseases
  • More Energy:  micronutrients directly improve mental clarity and energy levels
  • Enhanced Mood:  boost mental health and reduce depressive symptoms
  • Look Better:  creates beautiful hair, a glowing complexion, is detoxing, and anti-aging.
  • Improved Cardio Function:  rich in compounds that can combat against hypertension
  • Highly Alkalising: extremly alkalising which helps the body function more efficiently
  • Lose Weight: aids in controlling blood sugar which can vastly improve appetite signaling
  • Age Slower: lowers inflammation, fights off free radicals & boosts immune system
  • Better Digestive Health:  adds fiber to your diet to help digestive health

What To Do – Your Secret Weapons to Easily Get at Least a 10 portion a day boost

So, you may be thinking – how an earth do I have the time, motivation and money to eat such a huge amount of veggies. 

Do not despair – we have you covered.

Just apply the next two “Power Habits” and you will easily be getting 10 plus if not 15 potions a day, with VERY LITTLE time spend, VERY LITTLE cost and it is SUPER EASY to do. 

In fact, we will show you how to get AT LEAST 10 portions a day for around £2/$2.50 in just 10 mins.

Secret 1 – The “Avocado Smoothie”

We have carefully designed this smoothie to be a powerhouse of nutritional goodness.  Not only does it provide a complete meal, but it is also raw and delicious.  It also gives you at least 5-6 portions of raw, alkaline veggies in one drink.  This can be more like 8 – 10 depending on the size of the ingredients.  But just weigh them and divide by 80g to find out how many your drink has.

It contains….

  • 1 x Avocado
  • 1 x Cucumber
  • 1 x Handful Spinach (if you are going to make anything organic, make it the spinach.  Spinach carries the most amount of pesticides and chemicals of any vegetable).
  • 2 x Medium Tomatoes
  • Juice of 1 Lime

You can see the recipe on our recipe site Ninja Chow here.

You can also modify this:

  • A banana to sweeten – while your taste buds adjust.  This does make the drink less alkaline but can be a great way to establish the habit of having this for breakfast.  You can then gradually reduce the amount of banana over time.
  • Berries – such as blueberries, raspberries, etc..
  • Other superfoods to boost it even more, such as Maca, Ginseng, Goji, etc..
  • Coconut water (which is alkaline) to add electrolytes and adjust the consistency

We will be having an avocado smoothie each day to easily boost up the clean, raw nutrition.  It’s best to have this for breakfast.

This only costs around £1-£2 per day and takes around 5-10 mins to prepare and clean up.

Secret 2 – Green Drinks

To make green drinks, we take the most nutrient dense, alkalising veggies on the planet and dehydrate them is a low heat / low light environment to preserve all the nutrients.

Incredibly, one scoop of greens is the equivalent to around 5 servings of vegetables!

We have found the cleanest, most nutrient dense and thoroughly tested green drink in the world.  It is called Mega Greens and you can find this here.

It is highly recommended that you add a scoop of green drinks to the pure, alkaline water you drink at least twice on a daily basis.  This takes about 2 mins to prepare, costs around 29p / $0.40 per serving.

Check out Mega Greens here.

Lunch and Dinner

It is best to focus on alkaline foods at 70/30 ratio.  These foods will also be nutrients dense and provide your body with everything it needs to build healthy new cells.

There are recipes at for you to use and get inspiration from.

Get Started Today

By carrying out these three steps you will give your body all the building blocks it needs to create incredibly healthy new cells. This will unleash a huge amount of energy, your body will begin to heal, nagging aches, pains and issues will disappear. Your mind will become clear and your mood will dramatically improve.

Your body can create beautiful skin and hair, feel at ease, calm, confident, energetic….. the list of benefits goes on and on.

So what are you waiting for? Give this a try and you won’t look back.

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