3 Ways To Create Habits That Stick

Habits form the way our brains work out the behaviours that produce solutions. Once we’ve created a habit, the brain begins to automate them in the background and decreases its activity as a result.

Certain situations – or cues – will trigger our habits because our brains have worked out what the solution to those situations are. It’ll kickstart a habit to propel us into pleasure as quickly as possible.

But remember, the habits that get you back to your happy places can have a long-lasting effect on your destiny.

When you’re stressed do you snuggle up in bed and watch Netflix or do you go for a run? When you’re tired do you turn to junk food or do you grab an energy-giving smoothie?

By consciously replacing your bad habits with good ones, you can create freedom in every area of your life.

With good health habits you’ll create huge amounts of energy. With good financial habits you’ll always have income to spare. 

Set up your habits the right way and your brain will handle things for you, freeing you up to move your life to the next level.

So how do you do it? If you’re consistent as you establish new habits, these three starting points will make a huge difference to your life.

1. Schedule your habits

Plenty of studies have proven that the most effective ways of sticking to our habits is by assigning a time and location to each one.

By making a specific plan for when and where you’ll perform your new habits, you’re much more likely to follow through.

2. Limit losses

Every day that you stick to your positive habits, you make compound gains.  

Interrupt those compound gains and you return back down to zero very quickly. 

But if you can simply turn up and keep the habit going, you’ll reinforce your new identity and keep your momentum going. You’ll become more determined too.

So accept that everyone has bad days. But also accept that one bad day doesn’t mean you have to throw out all your hard work and good habits for good.

If you miss a day, or you carry out a bad habit, don’t beat yourself up. Just go back to the good habit straight away.

3. Downsize your habits

Consistency is the most important thing here, so make starting habits as easy as possible for yourself.

Make sure the first action in a habit is something you can do without thinking. The more times you repeat the habit, the more it will become unconscious and easy to do.

Here’s an example. You’re struggling to keep to a regular running routine, so you tell yourself that you’ll only run for two minutes each day.

Just two minutes?! No excuse.

Even if you really do only run for two minutes the first few times, force yourself to stick to the plan and soon more minutes of running will follow.

Put these techniques into practice and direct your life towards its destiny. Start small, be consistent and do it.

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