clean water bottle

AWESOME TIPS #1: How To Super Clean Your Bottle!

Over the years, I have owned a variety of different water bottles. Some easier to clean that others. Some having a handle that the liquid goes into (being almost impossible to clean).

It is actually pretty important that you keep your bottle clean. Especially when using powders, such as Mega Greens or making smoothies like the Ninja Avocado Smoothie.

If you don’t clean out all those nooks and crannies then bacteria can start to lurk.

Once the bacteria gets into your body, it will pollute your blood stream and start to sabotage all of the hard work you are doing with your health!

So it’s VERY important to have a clean bottle, as most liquids we drink will go through this.

Similarly though, we don’t want to introduce chemicals or harsh cleaning products into your bottle either! There are enough chemicals around, without adding them to something your going to drink from.

So, below I have a some great ways you can do a really great clean on your bottle, get into all those hard to reach parts and make it hygenic and tip top clean.

TIP #1

The first thing to do, is get an easy to clean bottle with a wide neck (such as our amazing Ninja Bottle, which we are really proud of 😀 ) This makes everything else so much easier.

TIP #2

You can use this fantastic cleaning combination…

Half of a lemon cut into quarters
3 crushed ice cubes
1 tablespoon of salt
A little water

Put it all in your bottle and give it a good shake for a few minutes. This will simultaneously clean and naturally disinfect the bottle

TIP #3

You can buy food grade citric acid (available on Amazon), which is a fantastic cleaner – not just for bottles, but anything that gets a build up of dirt, minerals, etc. it gently but effectively cleans everything. Plus it is totally chemical free!

Just add a teaspoon per half litre and leave for a few hours or overnight. Then rinse out. It will leave everything extremely clean and hygenic! (Great for your kettle too!)