Step 2: Clear Overview


The body renews itself constantly. You get new skin every 2 weeks, red blood cells every few months, new liver cells every year, colon cells refresh after four days and brain cells every few months. The reason the body degrades over time is that we keep doing the same thing, so we get the same results.

To make a real difference to your body, health and energy levels, you need to do things differently.  We will renew and fuel your body at a cellular level. This means creating the correct internal environment and giving your body everything, it needs to make healthy new cells.  Having new cells, in a clean environment, with the most effective fuel will generate abundant energy and vibrant new body cells.

However, all our changes will be reduced, and even sabotaged, if we don’t unblock the body first.

It is like a clogged-up computer.  Anything we install onto it, even the very best software, will run slowly and have its output limited.  In the same way, it doesn’t matter how much nutrition, supplements, etc. we put into a polluted system, it will not have the desired effect.

Before you can get the full effects of the next steps we have to make sure the highways are clear.

Kick start your day with lemon water

Kick Your Day Off with Lemon Water!

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This is us…

Here’s the thing: you’ve been part of our community for a while now. Maybe you’ve bought something from us, maybe you’ve grabbed some of our free resources; either way,  we are assuming that you’ve got some interest in improving your health, feeling better and more alive and

Cleanse and Clear Your Body

Step 2: How To Totally Cleanse Your Body

Modern diets are full of toxins and other substances that put a huge load onto our body and knock it out of balance.  This compromises our internal environment, sabotaging our efforts.  Through years of unhealthy living, our elimination channels become blocked, so the body can’t get rid

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Are You Feeling Stuck?

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When Nothing Seems To Work… (the Fortnite incident)

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