Step 4: Build Overview


Now that we have cleared out the body to ensure optimal absorption of nutrients and that we are not poisoning ourselves.

We have corrected the internal balance of our system to ensure the body is working optimally and frees up huge amounts of the bodies resources (creating energy and making everything work even more efficiently)

We will now flood your body with an abundance of easy to absorb micro-nutrients, to efficiently build new cells including new red blood cells, skin, hair, muscles and internal organs. You can also use Omega oils to ensure the cell membranes are optimal.

How To Build a Brand New Body

Step 4: How to Build a Brand New Body

If you have been following our Health Secrets articles, you will know that for a total health transformation, to create limitless energy and optimise every area of your life, it is essential to first clear out your body and then get it in an alkaline balance. Once

When A Portion is Not a Portion (part 2)

I posted an article yesterday about some of the ludicrous products that pass the ‘1 of your 5’ fruit and veg test – Heinz Tomato Soup, Froot Loops and ready meals among others. The takeaway is simple – don’t be taken in by the labels, especially when

When A Portion is Not a Portion (part 1)

We were doing our weekly shop the other day when it struck me just how little of a typical supermarket is dedicated to foods that are good for us.  Pretty much 90% of the store is dedicated to addictive food that destroys our health. It made me

Mary Antoinette Was Right (sort of)

It was Marie Antoinette that supposedly uttered the immortal words, “let them eat cake”.  Or literally translated “let them eat brioche”… And you’ll know as well as I do that when you’re on a diet, you’re desperate to follow the French Queen’s advice. This sort of cake craving

Menu Paralysis (I can’t stand cooking…)

Unlike my wife, Annalicia, I really can’t stand cooking.  Yes, every now and then I’ll enjoy the occasional cooking session at the weekend, when I’ve got something I really want to cook, and plenty of time to cook it. But day-to-day, I just want fuel. Maybe you