The Key To Outstanding Health…

If you look around you can see that most people are out of balance.  The consequence of this imbalance is – being overweight, underweight, unfit, having allergies, low energy, fatigue, feeling sick, tired, depressed…

If you want to transform your health, then you need to do things a little differently.  One of the key areas to change, is covered by the secret of BALANCE (in Health Secrets here).

The NUMBER ONE thing that gets your body out of balance is ACIDITY. 

And the number one source of this is SUGAR!

It takes 20 parts alkaline to neutralise 1-part acid!

So, ordinarily, the odds are not in our favour.  With our Health Secrets protocol though, we shift the odds back in your favour, with alkaline water, pH drops and pHour Salts.

To make this process even more powerful though, we need to cut the biggest source of acidity off at source though and eliminate sugar from our diets.

Why Should You Do This?

Let’s take a look at what’s going on inside the body when bombarded with acid (from meat, processed food, chemicals, stress)… along with overconsuming sugar in cakes, sweets, chocolate, biscuits, alcohol, fruit juices, fizzy drinks, cordials and putting sugar directly into our teas and coffees.

Too much acid in our body leads to a breakdown of our systems.  This starts as skin eruptions, eczema, dry skin, rashes, headaches, cramps, soreness, allergies, colds and flu and sinus problems.

If this continues, weakened organs and systems start to malfunction, resulting in dysfunctional adrenals, thyroid glands, liver, etc.

If tissue pH gets too acidic, oxygen levels go down, and cellular metabolism will stop. In other words, cells die.

The body needs to maintain our blood pH at 7.365 and will do all sorts to keep this balance.  It will take alkaline minerals from our tissues and bones.  It will then dump the excess into the lymphatic system, which will weaken it. 

If there is too much waste, acid by products are dumped into our major organs such as the heart, lungs, liver etc. and in our fatty tissues such as the breasts, hips, thighs, stomach etc. (leading to fat gain.) Acid wastes breaking down and being deposited around the body is also known as “the aging process”.

It then gets worse…candida… yeast & fungus!

Here begins a negative cycle of acidity.  Candida, yeast and fungus LOVE an acidic environment.  They feast on sugar and multiply, excreting acid waste as they go directly into your blood.  Making it MORE ACIDIC!  It feeds on your energy (making you tired) then pollutes your blood! 

A huge amount of the population has massive yeast/fungus/candida overgrowth in their blood and fluids.  The symptoms of this are well documented and include:

Atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, dizziness, hay fever, acne, insomnia, fatigue, diarrhoea, asthma, PMS, dry skin, lack of sex drive, depression, bad breath, lethargy, headaches, thyroid, failure, joint pain, arthritis…

The list could easily continue. The overgrowth of yeast/fungus/candida creates a catastrophic environment that perpetuates itself.  Over acidity creates microform overgrowth, which create acid, which creates an environment that microforms love, which multiply, which creates more acid… the cycle of imbalance.

Sugar feeds microforms like petrol feeds a fire

Yeast, fungus and candida LOVE SUGAR… it’s their perfect fuel.  Sugar is the WORST FOOD you can consume.

And remember, this is not just sugar you add to stuff.  It is in pretty much ALL PROCESSED FOODS and DRINKS!  And it is not just called “sugar”, there are many names for the hidden sugar in our foods, fructose, dextrose, glucose.

In fact there are FIFTY SIX names for sugars (which you can check out here.)

Sugar does include fruit sugars.  Only LOW SUGAR fruits, such as lemons, limes and grapefruits should be consumed.

To stop the cycle of imbalance, we need to cut off the supply of food to negative microforms and stop the acidity. 

Stop consuming sugar, foods containing sugar and foods that break down into sugar.

The best course of action is to only eat foods without an ingredients list on a packet. i.e. cook from whole foods.

Terrible Fuel

Sugar is also one of the WORST POSSIBLE FUELS for the body. It creates unstable, short term energy and mood that goes all over the place.  Leading you on a rollercoaster of energy and emotions every day.

 I’ve written an article here explaining how to get the very BEST FUEL possible and supercharge it for unlimited high consistent energy all day.

What Should You Do?

It can be difficult to give up.  Sugar is a drug.  Which is why it is added to almost all processed foods.  It is to manipulate you by making processed foods addictive.  When eating sugar, brain scans show the exact same areas of the brain light up as someone taking cocaine!

The Solution

We crave sugar and stimulants when we have a deficit of energy.  So start giving your body everything it needs and it will not need sugar or stimulants (e.g. caffeine).  With no deficit, there is no craving.

STEP #1 – Clear All The Rubbish out with our powerful Cleanse ProtocolClear your digestive system out with pHlush.

STEP #2 – Rapidly alkalise the body with pHour Salts and alkaline water.  This will create the perfect balance inside your body.

STEP #3 – Provide an abundance of nutrients to your body with our Avocado Shake each morning and 2-3 litres of Green Drink during the day.  This will rebuild your cells.  Eat tasty healthy alkaline food from Ninja Chow here. You can get a free recipe book here.

STEP #4 – Provide the best possible fuel with Omega Oils and Molecular Hydrogen.

STEP #5 – Protect your body and detox it with Molecular Hydrogen and Broccoli Sprout Juice.

This will give you so much natural energy that you will never miss sugar again!

GET YOUR FREE HEALTH SECRETS BOOK HERE which explains all the steps above in more detail.  Just tell us where to send it!