Step 5: Fuel Overview


Now that we have cleared out the body to ensure optimal absorption of nutrients and that we are not poisoning ourselves.

We have corrected the internal balance of our system to ensure the body is working optimally and frees up huge amounts of the bodies resources (creating energy and making everything work even more efficiently.)

We are supplying our body with an abundance of nutrients that it can use to create an abundance of super-cells that will create a whole new body.

We are now going to give our body the absolute optimum fuel.  A totally clean, efficient and powerhouse of a fuel source that will supercharge you to the next level.  Consistent high energy all day.

There are three levels of energy… In modern Western diets, we rely almost exclusively on the first two – Stimulants and White Carbs/Sugars. Not only do these forms of energy create a polluted, out of balance internal environment, but they also create an “energy rollercoaster”. This sabotages your energy, creating spikes and falls all day long and fosters an addiction to keep eating carbs, sugar and relying on caffeine, nicotine and other addictive substances to get by.

We suggest a different way…

By supplying our body with a continual flow of molecular hydrogen, and using the cleanest, most abundant source of fuel for our body (fat) we can give our cells everything they need to produce a consistent, high level of energy all day long. At the same time, this produces very little body pollution and free radicals, keeping the body in balance and totally healthy.

Go all day with huge, consistent energy and a better mood. Get more done. Live your ideal life.

This is us…

Here’s the thing: you’ve been part of our community for a while now. Maybe you’ve bought something from us, maybe you’ve grabbed some of our free resources; either way,  we are assuming that you’ve got some interest in improving your health, feeling better and more alive and

Step 5: How To Fuel Your Body

Today, I want to ask – what fuel are you putting into your body? Because when you understand what makes the body work at its optimum, then putting that fuel in just makes sense. And thankfully, it’s pretty easy to discover what your body needs to keep

Hydrogen: The Missing Fuel

The antioxidant power of hydrogen was investigated by Hungarian Albert Szent-Györgyi, who later won the Nobel Prize for discovering the antioxidant activity of vitamin C. In fact, in his December 11th, 1937, Nobel lecture, Albert Szent-Györgyi declared: “…our body really only knows one fuel: Hydrogen.“ Quite an

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We have been blown away….. a couple of things we’ve done have really made us think… We did an obstacle race, which included climbing over 30ft frames, 8ft walls, leaping over fire, hauling concrete and running for miles… By taking hydrogen we were back to normal in

Avoid The Afternoon Energy Slump

I used to get tired every single day, right after lunch. This tiredness would kill my mood and my creativity. I’d feel listless, lethargic and completely devoid of motivation. Which meant that each afternoon I had a choice – I could reach for something sugary that’d spike

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It was the London Marathon at the weekend, which always inspires me to get out and get running – it was a whole lot easier when the weather was nice a few weeks ago though! I’ve not always been a runner; I’ve flitted in and out of

Performance Enhancing Impact of Molecular Hydrogen

Molecular Hydrogen now has over 1000 studies showing it’s profound impact on overall health. For athletic performance it is the “secret weapon” that will give you more energy, more power, offset fatigue and eliminate lactic acid and inflammation of muscles and tendons. It improves performance and cuts

Secrets To Performance Enhancement (legal) that’s Taking the Sports World by Storm!

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