Mary Antoinette Was Right (sort of)

It was Marie Antoinette that supposedly uttered the immortal words, “let them eat cake”.  Or literally translated “let them eat brioche”…

And you’ll know as well as I do that when you’re on a diet, you’re desperate to follow the French Queen’s advice.

This sort of cake craving usually results in one of two things:

  • Either you binge and regret it, or
  • You don’t succumb to temptation but feel deprived as a result

Cravings like this kept me stuck for years, until I realised that the problem was the extremism with which I was viewing “bad” foods with.

Because I told myself that I wasn’t allowed them under any circumstances, I wanted them all the more.

So, I was only “doing well” when I had zero acidity in my diet, and then when I succumbed to temptation I completely fell off the wagon for a few days become cutting everything out again.

Needless to say, this was neither a healthy or relaxing way to live my life.

I eventually realised that the body is built to deal with a certain amount of acid.  Just not the amount most people throw at it. 

Most people eat 70-80% acid foods, which – along with lots of stress, no exercise, loads of alcohol, pharmaceuticals – creates low energy, depression, obesity, stress and disease.

To flip this, you don’t have to be 100% alkaline with your meals to be happy, healthy and full of energy.

You are aiming for a 70/30 alkaline to acid ratio.

(The only times you have to be 100% alkaline is when you are doing a short term cleanse or detox.)

What does 70/30 mean in practical terms?

Imagine your dinner plate divided into parts. Now fill 70% with alkaline forming foods.

Now (within reason) you can be playful with the other 30%. For instance, 50% of your dinner plate could be a huge salad with spinach, rocket, cucumber, avocado, tomato etc. Another 20% can be a mix of kidney beans, lentils and chickpeas with an olive oil dressing.

With the remaining 30% you can have wholemeal pasta with a delicious sauce, rice, fish/clean source of protein (like organic meat), a little cheese, some root vegetables like sweet potato.

The main thing is to steer clear of strong acids (refined sugar, soft drinks, red meats) and processed foods.  Have 70% veggies and salad and the other 30% is open to you.

Even the odd cake is fine.  Marie was right.

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Until next time!


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