Menu Paralysis (I can’t stand cooking…)

Unlike my wife, Annalicia, I really can’t stand cooking. 

Yes, every now and then I’ll enjoy the occasional cooking session at the weekend, when I’ve got something I really want to cook, and plenty of time to cook it.

But day-to-day, I just want fuel.

Maybe you can’t relate to this – some people are just more into cooking and food than others.

But whether you’re a “foodie” or not, the chances are that you care what you’re putting in your body, and it can seem daunting to prepare the right sort of meals.

And while Annalicia is definitely still the family chef, over the years I’ve learnt that despite not being much of a cook, it’s still very possible to quickly create meals that fill me up and keep me healthy.

For me, the biggest thing is not to overcomplicate it, and it’s something that took me years to learn.

I thought I needed to be creating a multitude of perfectly balanced, delicious meals every week, and quite frankly, there aren’t enough hours in the day for that.

Instead, what I realised was that having a few staples “in stock” for lunch and dinner was the best approach.

For example, steamed veggies with an olive oil dressing, wholemeal pasta and some good quality fish is a staple dinner for me. 

Quick and easy to cook, easy to shop for, and very delicious.

Another discovery I made was that an Avocado breakfast smoothie is a great way to get your day started AND deliver you over five portions of raw veg in about 5 minutes.

>> Check out the recipe here.

Both these discoveries transformed my eating habits – because cooking is no longer daunting, I can get the right stuff in, and still enjoy the occasional longer cook when I’ve got the time and inclination.

So, if you’re suffering from menu paralysis, where you feel like you’ve just got way too many options, and you’re intimidated by the time cooking can take, get yourself a few staples that you can cook easily and quickly, and make the most of shakes to ensure you get the veg you need.

>> You can find more easy, alkaline recipes in our Ninja Chow Recipe Zone here.

Hope this all helps!!!


P.S. The other thing realised was that by drinking Mega Greens every day, I was getting all the goodness from raw vegetables with none of the effort.  Each serving of green drink gives you 5 portions of the most nutritious veggies.

You can check out the very best formulation of green drinks HERE.

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