The Power of Small Changes…

There is an ancient Greek parable called the Sorites Paradox. 

The Paradox explains the effect one small action can have when repeated enough times. It states that although one coin does not make a person rich, but when we add another, and another, eventually, you have to admit that someone cannot be rich unless one coin makes them so.

In the same way, can one small change transform your life? You would not say so in the moment, but what if you make another, and another? Eventually you would have to say that your life was transformed by one small change.

After years of struggling, I found that focusing on doing a few simple things each day was what transformed my life.

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By making changes simple, we can focus on doing them every day and it is this consistency that produces huge changes.

So, the way we make a change in our life is not just a single 1% improvement, but lots of them, stacked together. 

Gradually though, as you progress – layering one small action on top of another – things will start to shift in your life. 
Until you hit a tipping point. 

Suddenly, it feels easier to stick with what you are doing, especially since you’re getting the results you want.

Every top performer I’ve ever studied has used small habits to master their area. 

They have all improved and progressed in the same way – through committing to tiny, sustainable, consistent improvements.

For you, this may be to drink more water during the day, or get more nutrition in your diet, or do some exercise. Or to eat a salad with each meal, or make a healthy smoothie each day.

Whatever it is, just concentrate on something small and achievable that you can do each day.

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