Change Your Mornings, Change Your Life (or G.R.M.S.M.!)

I’m Callum, one of the co-founders of Avocado Ninja. In this post I am going to tell you the five steps I took to totally transform my life.

A year ago my life was a mess.

I was overweight, tired all the time, had awful acne on my face and back, I could not think very well due to tiredness and foggy thinking. I felt low and depressed.

Due to all this I had not dealt with things in life and let problems build up until they were out of control.

This impacted my relationships, my finances and my health. Which in turn made everything worse, in a downward spiral.

Now, I feel like I can take on the world. And that is no exaggeration.

My body has transformed to being slim and athletic, my skin has totally cleared up and is now radiant, my mind is quick and agile.

I often happily work 12 hours or more a day, by choice, because I love what I do. I sleep soundly and wake up full of energy.

The knock on effect is that my finances are not only under control but growing, I was able to run a half-marathon after only 1 week training. I’ve climbed mountains and competed an extreme obstacle course (you may have seen the post on the Spartan race we recently did). Best of all my relationship with my wife is incredible. She has said it is like living with a new man.

I feel genuinely happy, hopeful and excited about life.

So, What Did I Do?

Before telling you the simple steps I followed, it is worth saying what I DIDN’T do. Because this is where most people trip up (including myself in my previous failed attempts).

I did not over-analyse the situation or over-complicate the solution. It was so important to KEEP THINGS SIMPLE. I am no hero, I have poor will power and determination. I am inherently lazy. There is no time for complicated solutions.

So it became a set of really simple steps that I followed. So simple I (or anyone else) could do them. There was no excuse. I did them EVERY DAY. It was this consistency that made the changes real. And it HAD to be SIMPLE to enable me to be consistent.

Also, I didn’t over analyse myself, do a load of complicated visualisation, goal setting, etc.. Of course, that helps. But it was not necessary.

I just knew that if I got up and followed these steps, life would change. And boy, did it change!

So when I had a bad day, I just went through the motions and followed the steps. Did it matter if I was tired? No. Did it matter if I was feeling depressed? No. There was no room for excuses, because it was just a simple set of actions. And I did them every day.

Just imagine how different your day will be when you start it in the way you will learn below.

Imagine the difference in the way you will think about things and the decisions you make. The way you interact with those around you.  The difference you will see in your body…

All of these enhanced days will stack to then create the life of your dreams.  I know this, because I’ve done it and I’ve experienced the results.

Every day becomes exciting, becomes progress, becomes a joy. I moved towards my dream life and now I have it. I am certain that you can do the same.

What Are The Steps?

I will be honest – the steps require some effort. You don’t get that level of change from magic pills and quick fixes. But the reward you get is enormous compared to the small amount of effort required. So here we go…


Set an alarm for at least an hour before you usually get up. If you have to go to bed earlier, then do it. There is a psychological edge you get from waking up earlier. You have the time to set up your body and mind for the day. This breaks all of the usual patterns that have been holding you back. After you have finished the steps, you will feel like a different person. This will create a totally different day and the results of these days will stack up.



Drink at least 1 pint (500ml) of pure alkaline water mixed with alkaline salts. WE NEED TO REHYDRATE! But to REALLY SUPERCHARGE this, we need to REMINERALISE. To get this morning boost – a calmness, more energy, focus and aliveness.  

ACTION: Get pure filtered water (preferrably alkaline)… our amazing new Ninja Jug or Ultrastream does a fantastic job of this.

Then add in a teaspoon of alkaline salts (which you can get here) (not to be confused with table salts, which are toxic).   This will quickly replenish all of your salts and rehydrate your body.

You will notice an instant effect. Whereas caffeine jolts your body awake and makes you feel wired (followed by a crash), this new start to the day will give you an instant, clean form of energy that lasts for hours!

(You can see a more detailed post about Rehydrating & Remineralising here.)


STEP 3 (M) – MOVE and get LIGHT

To really get our mind into an optimum state, we need to tell it that it’s awake time!

This may seem obvious, but just by getting up, your mind doesn’t register that it’s time to start functioning properly. The mind works on something called the circadian system which dictates when it sleeps and when it wakes. Most of us are totally out of whack in this area.

To reset this and improve wakefulness and sleep we need two things MOVEMENT and LIGHT.

ACTION: Get outside, get oxygen, get LIGHT and MOVE.

Whether this is walking, jogging or even better – kettlebells, just do it! The light will set your body clock correctly, which will set your energy and alertness during the day. The movement will boost circulation, improve cognitive performance, release feel good endorphins and also helps set your body clock.

(If you don’t have any daylight at that point in the morning you can buy blue light lamps that do the job, from a company called Lumie.)

(There are a couple of other steps I added in here that had a game changing response with cold therapy and breathing. I’ll cover this another week. But for now, just get the first 5 steps nailed!)


STEP 4 (S) – Fill your body with SUPER NUTRIENTS

Now that you are awake and your circulation going, fill your body with easy to digest super nutrients that will instantly make you feel incredible, give you energy, focus and calmness.  

ACTION: Drink the Avocado Ninja Smoothie each morning for breakfast. This is quick and easy to prepare. It has around 7 servings of your 5 a day fruit and veggies in 1 drink!

Get The Recipe Here! 

OR, if you don’t have time, or just want to top up on more nutrients, you can get 5 servings on the most nutritious raw veg on earth in 30 seconds here with our green drink.


STEP 5 (M) – Calm and Focus Your MIND

With everything now supercharged, we need to focus the mind. To do this I follow a simple (but powerful) mindfulness exercise for 10-20 mins each day. Just sit in a relaxed posture, close your eyes, clear your mind and slowly repeat the word “RELEASE” whilst gently breathing.

Feel all of the tension releasing from your body and mind. When your mind wanders, be aware of your thoughts, but let them go and come back to repeating the word “RELEASE”. This seems so simple, but the effects are profound. Give it a go and you will see.

ACTION: Set a timer for 10-20 mins, find a comfortable place to sit and do the RELEASE mindfulness exercise.


So, there you have the five steps that transformed my life from desparation to inspiration.

The end result of this is that you begin waking up tired, groggy, with thoughts and worries invading your mind. By the end of the 5 steps, you are bursting with so much energy, yet feel calm and focused and ready to take on the world.

Again, imagine how different your day will be with a start like this!

To make all this even easier to apply, we created a BLUEPRINT, along with all the support you need to make it happen.  

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