Secrets To Performance Enhancement (legal) that’s Taking the Sports World by Storm!

If you are someone that likes to train, run, cycle, swim or just want more fitness and energy, there are two things that can make an incredible difference, and it’s all scientifically proven!

Our approach to health is called the Ninja Path, this covers everything you need to massively improve your body and fitness.  

In this article, we single out the two most effective supplements that are proven to have a huge effect on performance and recovery.  Even if you’re not currently training, this is still relevant, as these supplements also improve your body functioning, your mental health and energy.

The combination of the two have a dramatic impact on performance, co-ordination and recovery. Read on to find out more about the first below…

Performance Enhacing Benefits of Alkaline Salts

The first of our performance enhancing super substances are called Alkaline Salts. They are a combination of healthy salts that your body needs to function properly, and are missing in most diets. They have 13 EU Approved Health Benefits and hundreds of scientific articles demonstrating how they work together to support every function in your body.  

When it comes to sports and performance, they really stand out though. With incredible enhancements to strength, stamina, performance and power. 

Delays Fatigue

We’ve all heard about lactic acid, but as new science shows, it’s not the cause of muscle fatigue as originally thought.

The actual cause of muscle fatigue is exercise-induced decrease in pH, which is also known as metabolic acidosis.

(Lactic acid build up is more about recovery times and we will show you how to cut this below!)

According to Food and Nutrition Sciences, a build-up of acid inside the muscle cell is a factor responsible for muscular fatigue. Thus, the total muscular capacity is limited by the progressive increase in acidity within the muscles caused by an accumulation of lactate and acid.

This inhibits energy transfer and the ability of muscles to contract. The body’s defense against this is bicarbonate buffers, which help neutralize the acid produced by intense exercise.

Alkaline salts reduce the acidity of the blood. This draws more of the acid within the muscle cells out into the bloodstream, and thus reduces the level of acidity within the muscle cells. 

By taking alkaline salts, you are providing your body with an abundance of bicarbonate buffers! This in turn delays the onset of fatigue.

Improves Co-Ordination

A study conducted by the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition tested alkaline salt supplementation on tennis athletes.

Prolonged tennis matches result in fatigue, which invariably impairs skilled performance.  Looking at all ground strokes, the consistency scores showed a trend of decreased co-ordination in the placebo trial, while it increased in the alkaline salt trial. This study shows that alkaline salts supplementation prevents the decline in co-ordination.

Improves Power

A study conducted by the British Journal of Sports Medicine sought to assess the effect of sodium bicarbonate ingestion upon repeated bouts of intense, short-duration exercise.  Subjects completed trials of cycle sprints. One group took alkaline salts and the other a placebo.

The ones who took alkaline salts produced higher over all power outputs and higher peak outputs in all ten of the ten-second sprints.  The results also revealed that the difference in the average power outputs attained during the bicarbonate and placebo trials increased as the number of sprint repetitions increased.

Improves Performance Times

A study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine has shown that by increasing the pH of the blood (with alkaline salts) elite swimmers were able to significantly improve their performance times. Dr Folland, who led the study found that over 200m freestyle, the athletes who alkalised their blood with the salts took 1.5 seconds off their time.

In this study, athletes who added alkaline salts to their usual hydration routines during the competition took 26 minutes less to complete a medium-distance triathlon course than those who only used sports drinks.

This is just a sample of the research out there. Alkaline Salts have proven to reduce the onset of fatigue, increase power, co-ordination, reduce acid build up and improve overall performance.

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