Avoid The Afternoon Energy Slump

I used to get tired every single day, right after lunch.

This tiredness would kill my mood and my creativity.

I’d feel listless, lethargic and completely devoid of motivation.

Which meant that each afternoon I had a choice – I could reach for something sugary that’d spike my blood sugar levels, resulting in a complete crash in the evening…

Or I could have an afternoon that would totally suck.

Either way, not good.

But when I decided to get myself together, I realised that this issue was actually pretty easy to fix.

I now have consistently high energy all day and all evening.

As a result, my productivity is better than ever before, and I’ve got better job satisfaction and a higher income.

Come to think of it, there’s pretty much no element of my life that hasn’t been improved by my increase in energy.

And if that sort of transformation sounds good to you, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s actually pretty simple to achieve.

For lunch and daytime snacks, swap out white carbs, sugars and cooked food for raw food.

Even better, just snack on raw foods all day.

Don’t worry, you can still eat cooked foods and have treats later if you really want them.

Just during the day, stick to raw.


Well, by cooking food we destroy all the enzymes – the things that help your body digest food.

The body goes under a lot of stress and takes a lot of energy digesting the food we eat.

Yes, it takes a LOT of energy.

And when all that food is digested, often most of the nutrients have been depleted by the processing and cooking.

Which means a lot of energy out and not much in. Makes sense, right?

So, during the day (lunches/snacks) concentrate on raw foods, such as salads, almonds and raw veg like carrots and avocados.

If you want some recipe ideas, just click here to visit our Ninja Chow section.


P.S. Oh, and a bonus tip: drink green drinks all day. Drinking a green drink is pretty much the easiest way to absorb tons of nutrition with next to no energy required to digest it.  Find our more here.

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