When Nothing Seems To Work… (the Fortnite incident)

You’ve probably heard of Fortnite.

That super-addictive, shoot-‘em-up video game that pretty much everyone is playing at the moment.

The first time I heard about it I knew it’d be right up my street.

I downloaded it. I installed it. And then I hit a problem.

Couldn’t play it.

See, like many other similar games, Fortnite’s very resource-hungry.

My PC couldn’t cope.

And it’s a good PC too. Super-fast, better than decent spec.

Thing is, I’d let it get a little cluttered. Okay, a lot cluttered.

Eager as I was to see what the Fortnite fuss was all about, I cleaned up my computer and – hey presto – everything started running quickly and I could get on with enjoying the game.

And enjoy it I did (but that’s another story).

Now, here’s the craic. The Fortnite Incident was a little bit like real life.

It doesn’t matter how good the stuff is that you put into your body. If your body’s already completely clogged, the good stuff won’t work the right way.

However powerful the supplements you’re taking are and however healthy your diet, if your body’s clogged up then it won’t get the full benefit of the nutrition.

If you’re into health matters then you’ve probably already been there.

You’re doing everything you can to try to live healthily and feel better but nothing seems to work. You’ve probably got your own Fortnite Incident going on inside.

The good news is that whatever results you’re getting now will be multiplied many times by clearing out your body, and the even better news is that this is really easy to achieve. There are four simple steps:

Clear Digestion – The simplest way to do this is with a home detoxifying kit like pHlush. A formula of various herbs and minerals will act as a natural laxative and remove anything that’s blocking you up.

Cleanse Skin – Prepare a hot bath where the temperature makes you sweat without being a strain. Grab a glass of cold water to keep you hydrated during your bath, then add in 0.5kg of Himalayan rock salt. And relax.

Boost Blood Flow – Take a supplement that’ll clear your arteries and boost your blood flow. My favourite? Munogen. It’s the most potent and bioavailable plant-based Nitric Oxide formula out there.

Supercharge Lymph – Practise deep, cleansing “power breathing” for five minutes every day and you’ll reap the benefits. Breathe in for one count, hold the breath for four and then breathe it out for two counts. Doing so creates a vacuum in the thoratic duct which drives the lymph around the body.

With simple steps as enjoyable as these, why wouldn’t you have a go and unclogging your body?!

Have a supercharged day!

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