The Secret of Anti-Aging Skin

Use The Smallest Molecule in Existence To Reduce Wrinkles, Increase Collagen and Slow Down Aging

It’s funny seeing the media go crazy every time a new drug comes out that’s supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread (which, ironically is one of the worst modern inventions!).

A case in point was a brand new “super drug” I read about the other day.

Supposedly the drug in question will slow down skin aging, and will be a “celebrity” prices when it’s released.

The drug works by rejuvenating stem cells that produce collagen, which sounds like messing a little too much with Mother Nature to me.

You see, the reality is that a lot of the skin creams on the market do more damage than good in the long run.

A large proportion of them contain an ingredient called “retinoids” which actually CAUSES inflammation, which then FORCES the skin to renew itself.

That’s why your skin might feel a bit sore after using them.

It’s a short-term fix, with a long-term problem – one can only imagine the damage you’re doing to your skin cells during that sort of process, and to my mind, it’s madness to take that sort of risk, especially when there is another way.

You see, there are reliable ways to prevent skin (and body) aging, and they don’t require creams or miracle drugs.

You can do them right now, without breaking the bank and without expending vast amounts of effort.

A recent Japanese study in the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology confirmed what locals had been preaching for years: molecular hydrogen can reduce neck wrinkles.

Similarly, a control group of UV-damaged human fibroblasts (the cell responsible for producing collagen in your skin) were shown to increase collagen production twice over when using molecular hydrogen.

Dr. Nicholas Perricone, a board-certified dermatologist, world renowned healthy ageing expert recently stated:

“Hydrogen works by positively affecting gene regulation, gene expression, and silencing negative genes. It’s a very clever molecule because its powerful anti-inflammatory superpowers target and neutralise inflammation-causing free radicals, which are caused by stress, lack of sleep, pollution and UVA and UVB rays.”

Because hydrogen is the smallest molecule in existence, it easily passes through the cell membrane, which means it easily wiggle its way into the mitochondria (the energy centres of the skin).

It can also penetrate the nucleus of a cell where the DNA is and neutralise free radicals linked to aging.

And that’s not even the biggest advantage of using molecular hydrogen.

That’s the fact that it can up-regulate ‘messenger molecules’, which essentially tell cells to produce hundreds of antioxidant enzymes to counteract free radicals.

In layman’s terms, it makes your cells into anti-oxidant factories. Unlike Vitamin C, or other anti-oxidants, you can’t use them up because the hydrogen is boosting your skin’s ability to create new ones.

Not only that but molecular hydrogen is also proven by over 1000 clinical studies to:

  • Give you more energy. Molecular hydrogen will make the energy cells in your body work more efficiently, stimulate greater production and feed more energy into your cells.
  • Improve performance. Clinically proven to give more energy, more power, more stamina and cut recovery time significantly.
  • Reduce pain quickly. Molecular hydrogen reduces inflammation and pain with no side effects.
  • Give you a mental boost: Molecular hydrogen has been proven to increase neurotransmitter levels for arousal, movement, mood, calmness and memory.

Want to give you it a go? I’d love you to give molecular hydrogen a try – it’s worked so well for me that I now swear by it.

Oh, and if you take it as directed and you don’t experience any uplift, I’ll refund you.

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