Make All of Your Drinks Alkaline

As a Brit, I’m not alone in my love of tea.

It’s a great institution of this country, and there really is nothing like sitting down with a cuppa and having a chat with someone that you’re close to.

And in my previous life, the tea I drank was the tea that most people drink – standard breakfast tea
with milk and sugar.

But here’s the problem:

Dairy = acidic.
Sugar = acidic.
Poor quality tap water = acidic.

(And don’t even get me started on coffee – it’s even more acidic with load of pesticide chemicals in it).

And if you drink tea like I used to, you’re literally pouring gallons of acidity into your body.

The good news is that I’m not suggesting you need to give up drinking tea, because there is a way to enjoy a nice brew without the acid issue.

These days, I drink a cup of Pu-Er tea mixed with green tea (inspired by Tim Ferris) first thing in the morning.  You can even add tumeric and ginger shavings for an extra kick!

Both teas are totally organic, and made with pure alkaline water from our Ninja Jug.

 >> You can get one of our fantastic Ninja Jugs here that make pure alkaline mineralised water, making your drinks into alkaline and healthy.

The result of using the Jug is that any acid from either of the teas is neutralised by the alkaline that the Jug infuses into the water.

And the result of switching from my unhealthy tea habit to my new one?

Instead of continually flooding my body with acidic pollution, I am now continually cleansing it, and I didn’t have to give up tea to do it!


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