Not Our Typical Holiday…

Callum and I are off on holiday tomorrow.

So far this year, it has been super busy for us, so we’ve made the decision to grab some downtime.

And this time, we are determined that we actually have some downtime.

You see, usually our holidays consist of non-stop activity; exploring, hiking, experiences, the list goes on and on.  And on.

But this time we’ve decided to properly chill out and relax by the sea.

Anyway, as I’m off on holiday, I thought I’d share with you my number one piece of travel health advice.

You see, it’s so easy to neglect your health when you’re away – you eat things you wouldn’t usually eat and exercise less than you usually would.

But for us, the biggest issue isn’t the lack of exercise or the ready availability of healthy food.

It’s the water.

When you don’t have control over your water, you’re effectively leaving your health to chance.

You might be thinking that it’s no big deal but try this stat for size: there are over 300 man-made chemicals in tap water (only 20 of which are tested for safety by water companies), plenty of which are linked to health conditions.

Bottled water isn’t much better – around 25% of the bottled water sold to us is just tap water in a bottle, and the stuff that isn’t often has just as many chemicals (if not more) in it, including toxic bacteria, carcinogenic chemicals, nitrate and arsenic.

What can you do about it then?

Well, what we do is ensure that our Ninja Jug makes it into the suitcase.

The Ninja Jug removes the harmful chemicals from your water, but – unlike other water filters – it deposits back in vital minerals that help raise the water to a High Alkaline level. 

Click here to find out more about the Ninja Jug and how it gives you pure, healthy water every day!

For nutrition, we take Mega Greens, which gives us five servings of fresh, raw, nutrient dense veggies per drink. 

Click here to find out more about Mega Greens.

Healthy water? Check.

Healthy diet? Check.

Relaxing holiday? I’ll keep you posted.


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